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About Me

     Natalie is a Professional Organizer with over 20 years of experience.

     She has always had a knack for being organized. When she was about 8 years old she remembers feeling the need for things to be in order.  Rearranging her bedroom furniture every 3 months became second nature, she loved the change, as it was refreshing and quite therapeutic. Some may even say -- loosely,  she is a bit OCD.


      As she grew older, other people noticed she had a gift for “getting it together” and she received many requests by many family members and friends to help them get organized and declutter various areas of their lives, whether it was helping them manage their correspondence that had gotten out of hand or areas of their homes. She loved the satisfaction that she received by helping people reduce stress, work more efficiently, save money, and spend time doing things they loved. Those benefits were priceless to her!


     In 2007, Natalie decided to make it official by creating a business doing what she loved and developed such a passion for. The most valuable thing she has learned is that no matter the situation, most people need help identifying what needs to be done and how to do it. This philosophy allows her to scout out and execute the best solutions for each individual client.


     Life gets demanding, tasks start to pile up and stress is created. While Natalie can not control the demands of life, she can assist with knocking out those stressful tasks and help you “Get it Together”.  Don't face it alone, call, text or email Natalie now so you can eliminate undue stress and get on with life's possibilities.

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