I offer competitive rates that reflect the value I provide to my clients. I am always open to concerns regarding cost and will work with you to maintain your budget for your project. I also offer discounted package rates for those wishing to complete larger or multiple projects.

Hourly Rate:*

$40/hour (4 hour minimum)

*Organizing sessions are scheduled in four hour minimum blocks.

Payment is due at the end of each session.

Personal Assistance:

 $22.00 per hour (3 hour minimum) 


Package rates can be obtained for larger, more time consuming jobs.

 Package Rates:

4-Hour Package*

With 1 Organizer $160

With 2 Organizers $320

With 3 Organizers $480

Suggested areas:

• Paperwork Management

• Home Office

• Laundry Room

• Daily Planning


8-Hour Package*

With 1 Organizer $304 5% discount

With 2 Organizers $608

With 3 Organizers $912

Suggested areas:

• Home Office

• Kitchen

• Garages

• Playrooms

• Master Bedroom Closet


12-Hour Package*

With 1 Organizer $446.40 7% discount

With 2 Organizers $892.80

With 3 Organizers $1339.20

Suggested areas:

• Home Office

• Multiple Areas


20-Hour Package*

With 1 Organizer $720 10% discount

With 2 Organizers $1440

With 3 Organizers $2160

Suggested areas:

• Home Office

• Move Out

• Move In

*To take advantage of the Package Pricing, full payment is required in advance.

Monthly Maintenance**

$160 – 4 Hours per month with 1 Professional Organizer

Additional discounted hours may be purchased as needed:

$35 per hour for 1 Professional Organizer

$75 per hour for 2 Professional Organizers

Benefits Include:

• Standing appointments

• Regular monthly organizing service

• Discounted rates

• May use as many discounted hours as needed

** A 12-month commitment required. Contract requires credit card on file that will be charged on the 1st of every month for $160. Any unused hours may be carried over to following month.


Every consultation begins with a phone call to discuss your needs and your desired outcome. We will discuss any problem areas or challenges that you have and establish a plan. Once we establish a plan, we will schedule your first session.

Initial Consultation:

$40 Initial Consultation Includes:*

  •   A one-hour session to assess your needs

  •  Goal setting for your space and overall project

  •  Determine job requirements

  •  Estimate amount of hours needed

  •  Schedule days and times for session

  •  Create a step-by-step plan

  •  Decide if any organizing products are needed

*I will apply a $40 credit to your first session!!!

* Please note, while I make every attempt to provide accurate estimates, many times clients decide to make changes as we go along, which is fine, however, it could change the amount of time needed as well as cost of the project.


Organizing sessions are scheduled in four hour minimum blocks to maximize the benefits of each session.

Personal Assistant services are also scheduled in three hour minimum sessions.

Payment is due at the end of each session, with the exception of any package rates that are purchased. To take advantage of the Package Pricing, full payment is required in advance.


A travel fee will be applied to all customers 50 miles outside of our office location.  This travel fee starts at $15 per session. Rates vary depending on travel distance. We also provide services to out of state clients.

Supply purchases:

 If supplies are required for organizing your space, and it is more convenient for you, I will be happy to purchase the necessary items for your project. If I do so, you will be provided with a detailed invoice of all purchases at the end of your project.  The shopping fee is billed as one organizing hour per hour utilized.

Referral Program:

For each client you refer, you will receive one free hour of organizing services. The referred client must book at least one 4-hour organizing session at the current organizing rate for the free hour to be earned.   These hours expire after 6 months from the date of the initial meeting/consultation.  Special promotion rates do not count toward the referral program.  Up to 3 referral hours can be earned per calendar year. 

Cancellation Policy:

While I will make every attempt to confirm your appointment at least one day before your appointment, it is the client's responsibility to cancel the appointment.  A 48-hour cancellation notice is required.  While I understand that emergencies may arise, after one emergency cancellation, a regularly priced hour session fee will be charged.


 Acceptable forms of payment include:

Cash, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Card (There is a

3.5% processing fee for all credit card transactions) 

*PLEASE NOTE: Each client and project are unique. Your project may take more or less time depending on your specific needs.